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Smile must be beautiful, healthy, long lasting and functional. For such treatment to be successful it need to be planned in advance, before initiating any dental works. In all cases the first stage is design. When we have a design, this shall further be developed into a treatment plan integrating the necessary structure, the function and a healthy biology.
The design of a smile starts from the face features. These provide us the harmony that we should finally put into the smile, the size and the ideal positioning of the teeth for each and every beauty type. Once we have the harmony, the next stage is the teeth. We must establish the most suitable form, texture type and colour. Finally, we chose the restoration type most suitable for each particular situation, whether it is for facets, crowns or skyns.
Every design is first made digitally, then transposed in wax by the dental technician and then the dentist shall simulate it as a mock up (diagnostic procedure, temporary material applied onto the teeth surface). Thus one can already see even before the actual treatment how one’s smile would look like in the coming future.

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