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Dental cavity is one of the most frequent reasons why patients come to visit the dentist. Dental cavity or caries is a lesion caused by specific types of bacteria that destroy the tooth’s enamel and its underlying layer, the dentin. In their earliest stages cavities can only be identified by the dentist via dental x-rays. The earliest is a cavity identified, the better for the affected tooth and the easier and less expensive treatment for the patient.

Cavity treatment aims for:

1.The total removal of the affected dental structures
2.The protection of healthy structures by the use of special materials which isolate the tooth against temperature variations
3.The tooth reconstruction (filling) using highly resistant, functional and aesthetic materials

Photopolymer physiognomic dental obturations or dental fillings stand for the complete and complex treatment of non complicated cavities. The technique involves using composite materials applied for the restoration of the damaged tooth, with excellent aesthetic result due to the colour which is highly similar to the own natural denture colour. This is performed with local anesthesia, without pain, based on high quality materials and technology.

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