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DentsmileAnca dental clinic has implemented a dental tourism program for the patients coming from other cities of the country or from abroad whereby these have the opportunity to enjoy a short stay in our beautiful city of ClujNapoca while having their dental problems fixed.
All along the dental treatment free of charge accommodation is provided for complex works or 10% discount accommodation at the 3 star Capitolina Hotel located 10 m away from DentsmileAnca (Capitolina Hotel).
For this to be possible, we first need your e-mail address and phone number as well as a panoramic X-ray either scanned by e-mail or sent by post. As soon as we receive these, you shall further receive back:
1.a description of the dental works you need
2.an estimation of the interval that the team might need in order to be able to restore your smile and your dental functionality
3.an estimation of the overall cost of the dental works

About Cluj

The city of Cluj-Napoca lies in the central part of Transilvania over a total area of 179,5 kmp. Surrounded on three sides by hills with heights ranging between 500 and 700 m, the city resembles a genuine citadel. Ancient Romanian culture and civilization center, Cluj-Napoca is located in the center part of the county, at the junction of major roads. It has a modern airport which connects the city to the main international destinations.
Major cultural, educational and industrial center, Cluj-Napoca is proud to have major contributions to Romanian culture and science. It is also a major scientific research and technological development center. Currently 23 research institutes and branches are performing in the city with highly professional teams.
Cluj-Napoca city stands out as an outstanding cultural center with two theaters, two operas, two puppet theaters, four cultural centers, one philarmonic, six museums, whereof Transilvania National History Museum dating back from the XIXth century.
Cluj-Napoca is nowadays an European city with a wide ongoing opening to worldwide partnerships in various fields of activity such as art, culture, education, religion, sports. Foreign investors are attracted by the city’s economic potential, by the people’s personal and professional quality, and investments are following an increasing trend every year. We are delighted to have you here, host you and even guide you in Cluj-Napoca. We are sure that at then end of the stay you shall come back with pleasure anytime.
Thank you for choosing us and we are here anytime for you, your friends and family!

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